• Becca, Learning Wayfinder

Top Reads: 5 places to go for Understanding Learning

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

I've come across a load of amazing books/resources lately, all fabulous for those of us with an interest (or life immersed) in learning.

1. Check out the 'education theory' section in your local bookstore (the basement in Waterstones' Princes St Edinburgh has a great selection) and library. This will mostly bring up books for teaching theory and application. Here are some keywords I used at City of Edinburgh Library's online catalogue (pictured):

2. remember other key words for informal learning are: community learning, interpretation, learning, youth work, and youth-work led. Some big names here are Paulo Freire and Freeman Tilden.

3. are you doing interpretation, teaching or a mix? Check out Association for Heritage Interpretation. The National Parks Service in America is a brilliant organisation to look to for interpretation - check out 'what is interpretation?' (PDF), which is their own guide for Park interpretors.

4. there is a difference between learning and understanding. Check out Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners by Ron Ritchhardt et al and this associated website, Visible Thinking. The book in particular is mind blowing - so don't read it just before trying to go to sleep! Ritchhardt's newest book looks great, too, although I've not read it yet: Creating Cultures of Thinking

5. do we make enough time to observe? The 'Skills Required to Observe' section on Montessori Printshop website is useful (and not just for Montessorians).

-Rebecca Boyde, Learning Wayfinder