• Becca, Learning Wayfinder

resource: one-pagers

We've made you a one-pager template to use, copyright free.

For some reason we can't put it in this blog post directly, but you can download it by clicking on the badge with resource's name on it here

One-pagers are best practice in learning/teaching. You can:

  • print off a blank one and ask learners to show their thinking or knowledge

  • use a blank one as an evaluation sheet by asking participants to fill in one thing per area e.g. something they liked, something they learned today

  • make it your own/use as a template by adding text boxes to each white area to add content.

Scottish Learning Group's awesome one pager template

We have made this resource copyright free so that you can tinker with it (and because we're awesome)! But if you want to credit us throw in a created by or with thanks or whatever and then 'the Scottish Learning Group'.

How to create your own:

  1. Open Powerpoint - don't bother using anything else, because Powerpoint is: accessible (i.e. something everyone is expected to know how to use these days, not some expensive software you need training to use) and is set up to work with images. This is unlike word processing software, which likes to fling shapes and pictures about in a formatting nightmare -and just when you're in a hurry!

  2. Set up your page to be an A4 page (or however big or small that you want it to be but note that A4 is easiest to scribble on once printed): Home ribbon-Design-page set up-A4

  3. Choose a background colour - we chose a soft blue here

  4. Make the whole slide that colour

  5. Add shapes - Home ribbon - Insert - shapes. We chose a rounded rectangle. We just dropped in different sizes and matched them up by moving them slowly about and using the guidelines that pops up. These show both where shapes are in relation to each other and in relation to the spaces between them. That is why our one pager looks so evenly-spaced.

  6. Click on the shape to get the Shape Format menu to appear on the Home ribbon, then add a colour fill to the shape and to the border around it. We chose white.

  7. Options: select all and group them together so they become one: click on all the shapes (click+shift), go to Shape Format menu-align-group. You can also save the whole thing as a picture, or duplicate the slide to make more than one page.