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links: networks to know

get onto more learning networks! We've added headers to create different sections, but these aren't exactly accurate- note that many are looking for educators from a wide range of settings. Get in touch if you think of some more we can add, thanks!

Photo by Christina Kirschnerova on Unsplash

There is a variety here. Some networks are:

  • free (like us!)

  • require a subscription or an invitation

  • based in Scotland

  • based elsewhere or even world-wide

  • exist only on Twitter or Facebook

  • are ones only your work organisation can join, but their newsletters etc are worth getting

In no particular order, we have:


Scottish Learning Partnership (yeah, I didn't know about SLP when I picked the name for SLG)




Visitor Attractions

Association of Visitor Attractions Scotland

Visitor Studies Group

Public Engagement


National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement


Big Stem Communicators Network

ASCUS Arts and Science Lab

Art and Science


Group for Education in Museums

GEM Scotland group on Twitter

Heritage Education Forum on Facebook

Scottish Heritage Social Media Group

Scottish Storytelling Forum

Outdoor Learning

National Network for Outdoor Learning

Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education

cover Photo by Christina Kirschnerova on Unsplash