We are a multidisciplinary, thinking and learning community - the people on the ground in learning and engagement in Scotland, with  many interests and needs based around our work...To meet these needs, we host 1/2 day Mini Learning Journeys; evening meet ups,  including monthly meetings to do the 'Excellence Judges' process; and workshops such as 'resources clinics'. See below for descriptions of each event type and examples of previous ones. We host up to three events a month, except during the summer. Have an idea? Want to do something together? Get in touch!


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These are 1/2 day, informal study trips, with:

  • a tour and informal presentation of learning, engagement and/or interpretation at the venue

  • a talk or workshop

  • group Q&A

Mini Learning Journeys


What: free, ongoing peer learning, including training on how to get involved. A cohort of us are using Judging Exhibitions: A Framework for Assessing Excellence (Beverly Serrell 2006). This is a visitor-centered framework to assess how comfortable, engaging, reinforcing and meaningful exhibitions & attractions are. 

Why? For the joy of learning. How: 1. join cohort (click link above) and we'll train you in how to use the framework 3. Visit the group's chosen exhibition/attraction and use framework to structure and deepen your thoughts and 4. meet as a group and discuss.

Excellence Judges

  • peer-to-peer learning  and up-skilling

  • try out ideas, methods and resources 


  • active, reflective thinking sessions


An informal mix of networking, chat and a themed talk or panel, these take place in a pub, with no powerpoint in sight!

Evening Meet ups