The Scottish Learning Group is  volunteer-run and is about peer-to-peer learning for engagement, learning, and interpretation enthusiasts!


We are the ones on the ground doing this life's work in Scotland.  All are welcome! We are  from from a bunch of different sectors and settings. You don't need to be an 'expert' - we are at various places in our careers: officers, managers, consultants, trainers, volunteers, Directors, and students. You just need to be interested. It is this blend of different areas and levels of life and job skills, mixed with our themes and questions, that make our interactions so fun, interesting....and just plain useful.


We learning enthusiasts are a passionate bunch, striving to make the world a better place through learning provision for all ages. Through learning and engagement we strive to:

  • encourage participation

  • empower and inspire learners

  • build relationships and strengthen our families/communities while continuing to develop and contribute to the sectors we work in

Interested in becoming a regional coordinator?

Contact us if you'd like to get involved - we'd love to hear from you.

Get meet ups and chat going in your area! We are working with regional coordinators and need more. Let's work together to come up with and run sessions that you want on regional-only ideas (and we have ideas that we'd love to chat to you about for sessions that run alongside our Edinburgh meet ups on 'Big Questions' in learning/engagement/interpretation).

Meet the team!

 Becca and Beccy - we are socially engaged practitioners who came together to celebrate and support learning in all its guises.


Becca Boyde loves weaving connections + sharing learning. She is the main contact for -and founder of - the Scottish Learning Group.

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Beccy Angus uses her planning nous to bring new ideas and even more energy to Scottish Learning Group

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we provide opportunities to spark ideas, learn from each other, give and share...

We found that we wanted another outlet for our passion for learning, engagement and interpretation. An outlet that was casual, informal and inclusive, and included as many different learning/engagement/interpretation settings, multidisciplinary, multi-sector and as many areas of expertise as possible. This is a creative field, but many of us do our roles on our own or in small teams. We need a regular platform to keep our own enthusiasm burning (or re-ignite the spark) - a place to share, network and bounce our ideas around.


To meet these needs, we created: free-to-attend learning and networking events; a social media presence, a blog (including writes ups from our last meeting), and a newsletter. Through these channels, we interact and send out: questions and theory, hints and tips, and details on our - and others' - upcoming events.